Busneeds  Charter Bus Rental Omaha, Nebraska

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Busneeds is Omaha’s number one Charter Bus rental company. We are the premier bus company in the area. We are a professional tour bus rental company with decades of experience. With superior service, and the most modern fleet we’ve become the number one transportation company in the area, with a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating. Whether you’re doing a group outing, church event, Convention/conference/seminar, tradeshow/expo, wedding, Athletic event, School/College Trip, or any other group event; we’re the cheapest, safest, and most reliable, and comfortable ride around. If you’re looking to hire a Bus, click here now for a FREE no obligation quote. 


From Motorcoaches, Minibus Rentals, Partybus, Limo and Van Rentals to School Bus rentals, we have the vehicles for every occasion and need. What’s more our vehicles follow the highest standards of maintenance, and won’t leave you stranded and broken down in the middle of the road. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us. When it comes to safety and security we take it very seriously. Our vehicles are the most modern, up to date, and best maintained in the industry. 


Accidents? We’ve never had one in all our decades of operation. Again our superior standards don’t leave room for accidents. We have a very selective vetting process for drivers as well as a rigorous training program. The combination of both provide for a safe, and comfortable ride for the passenger. 


Our vehicles also are equipped with premium amenities. Particularly our coach buses are fitted with WIFI, HD TV’S, USB outlets, and more. 



You can walk Omaha’s streets and see and feel the history as you take a stroll down its paths. The old town market is an attractive area where the paths are still lined with bricks, and stores are kept the same as they were 100 years ago. So you’ll be able to experience how life used to be a century ago. 


However Omaha has gone through a modern transformation as well. The Holland Performing arts center, and Gene Leahy Mall are examples of that. Along the river you’ll find green paths to sit and relax and enjoy all the events that take place in this area. You can also go across the river to Harrah’s Casino


The fun doesn’t stop there, there’s more. Near downtown you’ll find another famous attraction, the famous Omaha Zoo. It brings in over 2 million people a year. It also has the largest cat complex in North America, and has received many accolades for their exhibits. 


Coco Key Water Resort is another great place to get away for the family. It has a water park that is sure to bring lots of fun for the kids and the whole family. They also have a children’s museum with lots of interactive exhibits for kids.



The city is also known for its vibrant arts scene. A great example is the Joslyn Art Museum which houses ancient art pieces to modern masterpieces. The Bemis Center for contemporary arts is another artistic place. It has 3 galleries. The Durham Historical Museum is another museum that is dedicated to preserving documents relating to the history of westward expansion. 


When it comes to performing arts, it’s a whole nother level. The city has several theatres that do shows. One of the oldest is the Astro Theatre, and is also home to the Emmy Gifford Children’s Theater. The Holland Center and the Orpheum theater focus on musical events such as with a symphony and opera. 



This is a city that loves its sports. That’s why many sports competitions are held here, including the annual college world series, and olympic trials. Creighton University plays Basketball at Mid-American Center while the Storm Chasers play at Werner Park.


Going to a game? Well go with Busneeds! Watch a few old games while onboard with your group before the big game. And forget about the traffic, and trying to find a parking space, we’ve got that covered for you?



Omaha is a city of commerce. As such, it gets lots of visitors every day. This also means the city has to feed them. The early immigrants were able to carve out a very diverse food scene in the city, that’s meant to delight your taste buds. Of course Omaha is known for its quality steaks. 


Are you looking for a place to hang out? Are you also looking for a good nightlife? Then the old town market is the perfect location for that. 



We are the top rated, number one bus company in Omaha! With the largest fleet, and best customer satisfaction rating and reviews, our customers keep coming back to us for more. What’s more? It’s easy to get in touch with us. Just Click here, and we’ll send a FREE, no obligation quote package designed just for you!

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