Anchorage Charter Bus Rentals

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Eklutna Historical Park

It is a Historical park that has been in operation since 1990 with the purpose of preserving the cultural traditions of the South Central Alaskan native people. Take a visit to the Village Heritage House where charming old photographs, native art and historical presentations are displayed. The Eklutna cemetery is spotted with “spirit houses” which are colorful shrines to the ancestors buried beneath. Greater Anchorage’s old building, the Russian orthodox St. Nicolas church are the fascinating sights within the Park.


Girdwood is a beautiful resort town located 40 miles Southeast of Anchorage. This town was founded as a gold mining town and later turned into a winter ski haven and a summer golf destination by the presence of Mt. Alyeska. The charming and picturesque city center with a lot of shops and restaurants provide evening diversions to the visitors.

When you travel through a charter bus, here’s some important places for your visit.

Historic City Hall, Anchorage Museum, Imaginarium, Centre for the Performing Arts, Oscar Anderson House, Elderberry Park, Alaska Museum of Natural History Beyond downtown,  Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum and Lake Hood Air Harbor Alaska Native Heritage Centre, Alaska Zoo, Alaska Wild Berry Products,Earthquake Park, Eklutna Historical Park

Charter Bus, which includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transit are available in all these places.

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