Reliable Busneeds Charter Bus Rental Service Woodbridge, New Jersey

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LinkedIn is the premier bus company in Woodbridge. We’ve been operating here for several decades, and have built a reputation as the number one bus operator in the region. Our motto is simple quality service, at an affordable and inexpensive price. From our reservation specialists, to our customer service, to our drivers, you’ll find, we deliver the highest quality customer experience that is superior to that of our competitors.



When it comes to safety, we give it the top priority. Our drivers are carefully vetted, and given special training before being deployed on the road. As a matter of fact, we go above and beyond the state requirements. This is why in all our years of operation, we’ve never gotten into an accident. 


Also, as a part of safety and cleanliness, we give importance to vehicle maintenance as well. Our vehicles are the most well maintained in the industry. Once again, we go above and beyond the state requirements to maintain our buses. As a matter of fact, in all our years of operation due to our proper maintenance we’ve never had a mechanical failure or breakdown. 


Lastly, we have the largest fleet in the industry. So whether you need a Coach Bus, Minibus, Party Bus, School Bus, Van, or Shuttle Bus rental, we have the vehicles that suit your need. So if you’re looking for a dependable, professional, comfortable, worry free, competitively, and fairly priced service, then make your booking with us. We guarantee to WOW you, so click here, and make your booking now!


New Jersey Attractions

Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park: The Thomas Edison Center, also known as Menlopark Museum and Edison memorial tower is a place created in honor and memory of the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison. The tower was dedicated on the inventor’s ninety first birthday on February 11, 1938. This location is where Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory was located. Edison came to this location first in 1876, when it was part of Raritan township before being changed to Edison Township. This is the place where the world’s first recorded sound was made, as well as the world’s first incandescent light bulb. Known as the “invention factory”, Edison’s 400 famous inventions took place here. 


Edison State Park: Situated in the Menlo Park Section of Edison, it is located on Christie Street, the world’s first street to be lit up by a lightbulb. With an area of 37 acres, the site commemorates the location of Thomas Alva Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory, where 600 inventions were made including the incandescent light bulb, and the Phonograph. 


SeaQuest Woodbridge: Located inside the woodbridge mall, it’s a world where you can get a petting zoo and aquarium experience. At seaquest, you can take a journey around the globe. From the rainforests, and deserts to amazing marine life, you can experience it all. Interact with species from around the world, and learn the importance of preserving the diverse fauna of our planet. Get hands on with animals here, by feeding them, including sharks, stingrays, and birds, and other animals. However if you are more adventurous, you can go into the walk in aviaries, feed Caiman Alligators, or go snorkeling with Sharks, Stingrays, and other fish. 


Roosevelt Park: A 196 acre park in Middlesex county, it has an 8 acre lake as well. It is also the oldest park in Middlesex county. This park was set apart as one in 1917. The lake is the highlight of the park. It is stocked with fish, so you could go fishing all you want in the park. If fishing isn’t your thing, you can walk, jog, or bike along the lake, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This park is also home to the veteran’s memorial. It honors veterans of the county who have served in all wars. Another highlight of the park is the fountain in the park called “light dispelling Darkness”. It is a ceramic art piece put together by the famous sculptor Waylande Gregory in 1936. Funded by the federal art project, Gregory employed 20 workers to complete this masterpiece. Gregory came up with this idea for his theme from Edison’s Laboratory nearby where the first light bulb was invented. Gregory’s theme, “Light Dispelling Darkness” he believed is about humans’ endeavor to fight evil through the knowledge of science. The fountain has a central shaft that is 15 feet tall. The Shaft stands in the middle of the circular pool that is 40 feet in diameter. Ths shaft which is 10 feet thick is surmounted by a globe of the world glazed in blue and earth tones. Around the shaft are six ceramic sculptures connected by arcs of concrete. The six ceramic sculptures are War, Pestilence, Famine, Death, Greed, and materialism.


Merrill Park: Situated on the Rahway river, this park has 182 acres of pure park space with a Tennis Court, Basketball court, Baseball field, Softball field, Soccer Field, Football field, Picnic Groves, Playground, and Animal haven. There are a variety of farm animals at the animal haven here, which you can see daily from morning to evening. You can see Pigs, Goats, a Horse, A Peacock, and many more animals. There’s also signage there that will help explain the details of each. 


Go with the best tour bus rental in Woodbridge, Go with!

Busneeds is the leading transportation company in Woodbridge. Ready to explore Woodbridge with a superior bus company? It’s really easy, just click here. Whether you’re doing a group outing, church event, Convention/conference/seminar, tradeshow/expo, wedding, Athletic event, School/College Trip. We’re the most dependable, and inexpensive and affordable Charter Bus Rental. Make your reservation today! Contact us now for a FREE no obligation quote!

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