Bismarck Charter Bus Rental Service

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Bismarck is frequently referred to as Bismarck-Mandan, due to the proximity of the city of Mandan. As the capital city of North Dakota, Bismarck is prosperous in its educational landscape and other attractions like historic sites and cultural events. Bismarck is nestled across the Missouri River to the east.  The area has been inhabited for centuries, and thousands of Native Americans lived on both sides of the river. Slant Village on the West and Chief Looking’s Village on the east side are well protected as parks in Bismarck.

Variety of cuisine for all, comfortable lodgings and excellent ground transportation services like Charter Bus that includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transit will make Bismarck trip safe and enjoyable.

If you are a architecture buff, you will enjoy embarking on a guided tour of the State Capitol, which is a 19-story Art Deco building built in the 1930s. On the other hand you are an animal lover you are welcome to the Dakota Zoo, where over 125 species are represented, including monkeys, lions, wolves, insects and reptiles.

The North Dakota State Capitol complex is positioned north of downtown Bismarck. This 19-story Art Deco Capitol structure is the tallest in the city. The Capitol building towers over the central part of the city and is easily seen from 20 miles away on a clear day.

Nestled in the Great Plains between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Lakes, Bismarck possesses a climate similar to both locations. The climate is characterized by long, cold winters with average snowfall. Summers are warm, and frequently hot and humid. Thunderstorms occur in spring and summer, but in general, the Bismarck climate is quite dry.

The Capitol grounds is home to the North Dakota Heritage Center, the North Dakota State Library, the North Dakota Governor’s Residence, the State Office Building, and the Liberty Memorial Building. The North Dakota State Penitentiary is located in eastern Bismarck. Bismarck is also the home of the Ruth Meiers Hospitality House, a 66 bed house for the homeless.

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