Charter Bus Rental Service Billings, MT

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Billings, Montana’s largest city is a gateway to the state’s Western inheritance and natural splendor. It is a major shipping center for cattle and other agricultural products. Explore Billings as a central point to the best western attractions, events, hospitality, shopping and dining. The Western Heritage Centre nestled on the downtown Billings, exhibits artifacts and photographs that show the Yellowstone River Valley’s development.

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Attractions include Mose Mansion, Metra Park, and Montana Zoo. The MetraPark is a contemporary concert, trade show and rodeo arena, encircled by the fairgrounds, pari-mutuel horse-race track and super barn complex. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument marks the spot where the forces of General George A. Custer’s American soldiers engaged American Indian tribes in encounter in the 1876.

Billings’ dramatic setting certainly makes it something more than a pockmark on the prairie. The town has made an effort to smart itself with the development of a gorgeous and pretty lively row of galleries, bars and restaurants along Montana Avenue. The Alberta Bair Theater for the performing arts is a grand theater between Minneapolis and Spokane. It exhibits hundreds of productions yearly.

The Yellowstone Art Museum is a distinctive and vital visual arts center for Montana and the adjacent area. Founded in 1964, it is now a fully-accredited museum. In the Moss Mansion, you can view original, Persian carpets, draperies, fixtures, wall coverings and artifacts. You can watch Montana’s flora and fauna by binoculars and forwarding to the plains or hiking in the mountains that enfold Billings.

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