Charter Bus Rental Service Champaign

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Save Time and Money And Get Charter Bus Rental quotes immediately from for Champaign Motor Coach, Champaign Mini Bus, Champaign School bus, Champaign Entertainer, Champaign Executive, Champaign Limo Bus, Champaign Double Decker, Champaign Passenger Van.

Champaign City Building

A recognizable landmark, Champaign city building now serves as the City Hall. One of the most visible buildings in the downtown district, its likeness featured on the city seal. Ornate decoration, art deco architecture and the copper roof added color the building. Once it was used as a headquarters of the fire department and later it became the headquarters of the police department.

In Champaign city a tourist or visitor will easily get good lodgings and fine ground traveling services like Charter Bus that includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transit for a calm and thrilling journey.

The Tower at 3rd

The newly renamed Tower 3rd is located in the Campustown district and is over twenty stories high. It was a hotel until 2001.Currently it houses students apartments and several University of Illinois offices, including the office the continuing education. The Tower and the massive apartment complex a few block away form a scenic duo in the central of Campustown with a city feel to it.


In the1980s a part of the downtown Champaign area was closed to vehicular traffic to create pedestrian mall, but short-lived experiment was scrapped when business declined. The downtown area of Champaign was recently the target of a largely successful revitalization effort designed to bring more businesses into the area. The growth in the north Prospect area relies on leapfrogging, moving out of the countryside and developing more remote farm land eventually connects to the main development

Boardman’s Art Theatre

Boardman’s Art Theatre, built in 1921, shows critically acclaimed independent and foreign films. It has undergone extensive remodeling and now it is equipped with state -of –the-art technology. This is the only single-screen movie theater still in existence operating daily as a movie theater in Champaign-Urbana

Historic Virginia Theater

Built in 1920s,the historic Virginia Theater is a recently restored 1525-seat movie theater. It has an ornate; Spanish Renaissance influenced interior, full stage and dressing rooms, and an elaborate Wurlitzer pipe organ. The theater, which host Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Film Festival, does not have a daily show schedule, but schedules special screenings and live performances.


Chartering a Bus is easy now. Get a quote in few minutes.

Just fill the form with the information requested, you will be getting quotes immediately. With the help of the most modern technology we can save time and efforts.

Finding a charter bus for your event can be a tedious and often time consuming task. We are here to help you resolve that problem for you. Many times people have difficulty finding a reliable charter bus company.  With the help provided by us, you will be able to find a trusted charter bus provider. Whether you are with a  school, university, church or corporation we will work with you to find the right charter bus.


There different types of buses based on your needs and number of people


Coach Bus Or Charter Bus

Coach Bus is a luxury bus with all the options for a comfort and luxurious journey. A Coach bus can seat up to 55 people and it comes with a restroom. In addition, each coach bus is equipped with multiple screens, and DVD player. Electric outlets and WIFi on board are additional luxuries. A large luggage compartment underneath bus provides enough room for over 100 large suitcases.


Mini Bus or Party Bus

Mini Bus is a small coach bus with all the amenities of a Coach Bus. A Mini Bus can hold up to 25 people. We also have 27, 29,32 and 35 seat Mini Buses. They are convenient for corporate outings, dinner transportation, rehearsal dinner and local tours.


School Bus Rental

School Bus is an economical way to transport a large group. Normally used by school groups for school field trips, school buses can be used for church retreats, weddings, sports travel and even for corporate events.

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