My Charter Bus Holiday Trip To Cleveland

The great industrial port, Cleveland, offers much to arrange a charter bus trip for exploring. A working class, world-class “new American city”, Cleveland is a model of urban renewal. A vacation charter bus trip to Cleveland gives you a taste of what makes the city tick.

With all the amenities this city has to offer, I find that I’m spending more and more time here. What I and my family like most about Cleveland is the wide variety of entertainment options. Everything seems to be within a twenty minute drive. The professional sports teams, the museums; the restaurants give you so much fun and entertainment. There’s always something to see or do in Cleveland.

We took our charter bus to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Even though you’ll just be standing in this museum staring through glass case after glass case, it will be an experience you will find hard to forget during your Cleveland charter bus trip because of the many illuminated silver signatures from your favorite musicians.

Cleveland’s legendary art museum and symphony now have modern complements in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center. The city’s long and proud sports tradition was bolstered by the opening of Jacobs Field, the first of baseball’s new classic parks. That blend of tradition and innovation is now Cleveland’s hallmark.

Get a stop to the sensitive and fond restoration of the Lake Erie or Cuyahoga River waterfront, a superb constellation of museums, glittering city center malls and new downtown super-stadiums. Add to that the recent arrival of several major corporate headquarters and classy hotels – and, of course, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – and there’s an unmistakable buzz about the place.

During our trip we were blessed to enjoy a very impressive décor and awesome music. The Cleveland Orchestra is fantastic and your charter bus must have a stop there. Just take your charter bus to the science center and you’ll experience everything all under one roof. It doesn’t cost 55 million for nothing, you know. Another nice touch to our charter bus holiday in Cleveland was our visit to Little Italy Historical Museum. It’s just neat because there are all kinds of memorabilia featured there and I was, once again, reminded of my trip to Europe. Thanks to