Flagstaff Arizona Is A Great Destination For A Charter Bus Exploration

f you are nature enthusiasts, Flagstaff Arizona is a great destination for a charter bus exploration and discovering novelty. We took our Charter Bus to The Fayetteville Square that is known for its gorgeous gardens and Farmer’s Market that runs three days a week beginning in spring and ending in early autumn. Just blocks away, we discover Dickson Street is the trendy place for unique shops, dining locales, and tons of live music venues.

I have that deep passion for nature and natural wonders to embrace the cultural richness and enjoy the invigorating outdoor activities that Flagstaff has to offer. Frankly, renting a charter bus to Flagstaff was a great idea for me and our nature lovers groups in order get away from it all.

Flagstaff makes an supreme base for Charter bus travelers, with hotels, restaurants, bars and shops aplenty within easy strolling range of the center (and a number of food and lodging chains a couple of miles away beside the interstate). There’s not all that much actually to see in the town itself, but the countryside in every direction is very much worth exploring.

Redolent with the charm of both the nineteenth-century Wild West and the twentieth-century heyday of Route 66, the small college town of Flagstaff ranks among the most atmospheric and attractive places to stay in the entire Southwest.

A charter bus drive close by that will take you to the Red Rocks of Sedona is to take Hwy 89A south out of the Flagstaff. This has delivered us to the rim of Oak Creek Canyon where we have traveled down what is known as “The Switch Backs”, continuing us down the rim, we have traveled through Oak Creek Canyon which is a wonderful scenic drive through dense foliage and fabulous rock formations.

New Orleans Is My Husband’s Favorite Vacation Spot

New Orleans is my husband’s favorite vacation spot and he always prefers to take a charter bus journey captivating place along with family and friends. New Orleans is well known for its exhilarating celebrations. And our charter bus trip was at the time of Mardi gras that occupies an outstanding position among its festivals and events.

Firstly our charter bus took us to the French Quarter, also known as the Quarter or Vieux Carre, which is bounded by the Mississippi River. It contains plentiful hotels, bars and nightclubs and includes many notable attractions like Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, the French market and the Preservation Hall.

A unique charter bus experience was when the charter bus driver took us for the Royal Carriages ride. It’s uniquely New Orleans and you can’t find these types of things anywhere else in the country. New Orleans offers a stunning array of world-class accommodations and it suits everybody’s taste and pocket. There are many unique attractions in New Orleans, one being the Musee Conti Wax Museum that presents the history of New Orleans in an extremely unique way.

You can indulge your senses here; savor New Orleans’ rich cultural experience and celebrate everything that still makes New Orleans America’s most unique, authentic and enthralling destination. I recommend the Honey Island Swamp Tours, Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours and the Westwego Swamp Adventures! I promise you the kids will be thrilled with the rides.

New Orleans nightlife is filled with the neon, noise and revelry; but it also the shadows of moonlit couples walking hand-in-hand along the Mississippi river. When it is sunset, the city absorbs a new magical energy all its own, and steps into nightlife that is back in full force and continuing to earn its legendary status. The atmosphere is full of music, flavor, laughter, and excitement.

We Kicked Off The Day With A Visit To The Ice Complex By Our Charter Bus

Many Southern cities aspire to blend the old with the new; few achieve it as dramatically as Huntsville, a hundred miles south of Nashville just inside the Alabama border. Its sleepy center still recalls the days when it was dominated by cotton merchants and railroad owners, a history absorbingly recounted in the Huntsville Depot Museum.

Busneeds.com kicked off the day with a visit to the Ice Complex by our charter bus. Once the charter bus arrived at the place, all 18 years scampered out of the bus is glee reminding me of Kindergarten kids at the chocolate factory. The Ice Complex is huge, although there were a lot of people there, it wasn’t at all cramped. For lunch, we decided to go a little exotic – no, not Chinese but we took the charter bus to a quaint little place called Bombay Cuisine where they serve East Indian dishes. At the end of the meal, we were ready for some shopping before we went and have some drinks.

Hunts Huntsville hugs the banks of the Muskoka River on the southwest corner of Algonquin Park. As the largest centre so close to the park, its streets support many of the amenities visitors will need before heading into the park and a few that may offer a break from the wilderness.

Amongst captivating log buildings, immense stone houses and heritage sites, restaurants offer a culinary escape from camp hot dogs and flaming marshmallows, but don’t expect to lose the wilderness entirely. With Algonquin Park so close, wildlife is a common sight on Huntsville’s avenues, and getting a closer look is an easy step into the wilds.

Enveloping the town is a latticework of lakes, woods and streams all supported by a thriving tour and outfitting sector. Whether it’s the summer joys of canoeing, kayaking or fishing a tour operator is close by. In winter, the landscape opens up to snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and there is even a local ski hill.

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