Celebrating A Tournament Victory With A Charter Bus Tour Of San Antonio

If you tried to imagine a place where the sights, sounds and flavors of Native America, Old Mexico and the Wild West blend effortlessly with the hustle and bustle of a modern city, it would probably look a lot like San Antonio. And it this very same reason we decided to take our vacation charter bus trip to San Antonio and we prefer busneeds.com charter bus services.

A San Antonio trip would be completed only when you take your charter bus to the Alamo. The Alamo, a famous fort where Texans fought fiercely for independence from Mexico, is just one of the many historic landmarks the city has to offer. Light a candle at the magnificent San Fernando Cathedral or peruse adobe architecture, exhibits and period furnishings at the Casa Navarro State Historical Park.

The stirring attraction along the River Walk is the Aztec on the River. It is an amazing masterwork of art right here on the river. Every 90 minutes you are dazzled by an astonishing multi-million dollar special effects show that plays right in the Grand Lobby.

One of the must see in San Antonio travel is the Paseo del Rio, which is known better as the River Walk. Cobblestone and flagstone paths wind their way alongside the San Antonio River, some 20 feet below street level. Shops, boutiques, cafes and eateries line the RiverWalk as you stroll along this great walkway. The team loved the food and the sights along this path.

San Antonio is a city that truly captures the spirit of Texas. It keeps its strong sense of history and tradition while accepting all that is modern and new. The AAU youth baseball team that I coach had the chance to tour San Antonio via our team’s charter on a recent summer tournament weekend.

To wind-up an enjoyable day, take the charter bus to Robbie O’Connell’s pub which is a remarkably elegant Irish pub with a whole long list of cocktails and Irish brews to keep you happy all night long.