Employee Shuttles

Being the most experienced operator in North America, we have thousands of satisfied corporate clients, who enjoy safe, comfortable, and reliable transport. We offer the most modern vehicles, with the most experienced drivers. Our record speaks for itself; even after several decades in operation, we haven’t had a single accident. 

Be it a Convention/Conference, Seminar, Exhibition/Expo/Trade Show, Campus Transport, Airport/Hotel shuttle, we’re the leaders in shuttle bus transportation. We’re the most sought after Charter Bus service in the industry, from Presidential campaigns to fortune 500 companies, we’re the most trusted name in the industry!

We are a premium Charter Bus company, yet our clients love the affordability of our service. No matter what your budget, we can work with you to put together a package that works for you! 


Airport Shuttle Service

Whether you’re a hotel or a company in need of employee shuttles, arranging transport can be a hassle. We know getting all your people to the airport quickly and promptly in time for their flight is the most important thing for you. That’s where our experience comes to play, we’re the industry leader in providing, prompt and reliable airport shuttles throughout North America. 


Whether it’s a shuttle for a party of 1, or 10,000, we have the largest and most up to date fleet in the industry to accommodate all your guests.

  Deluxe Coach

Used for larger groups with longer distances. Equipped with high back reclining seats, restrooms, TV/DVD, PA System, etc. It can accommodate 47-57 people, with luggage space both undercarriage compartments and overhead bins.


Used for shorter trips with smaller groups. It’s perfect for a night out in town, or used as a shuttle for all sorts of events, including Weddings, Conferences, etc. It can accommodate anywhere from 22-28 people.

  Executive Coach

Having the luxurious interior of a limousine, it can be used for any event, be it weddings, corporate, etc. It can seat up to 22 people, and contains Kitchenette, Spacious restroom, Entertainment center, Direct TV WiFi and more.

  Party Bus

With hardwood dance floors, it’s Perfect for Bar Crawls, Bachelorette parties, and any other celebratory events. It’s also equipped with Ucouches, tables, neon lighting, mini bar, entertainment center, Bathroom and more. It can accommodate up to 44 people.

Superior Service

At Busneeds we are committed to providing a superior experience, from your quote request to delivering detailed invoices, we focus on every meticulous detail to ensure your whole experience with us is first class. 

From helping you develop an itinerary to choosing efficient pick up and drop off spots, to recommending the most suitable vehicles for your event, we’re with you every step of the way.


Cost of Shuttle Buses

The cost of shuttle bus services depend on many factors. It primarily depends on the number of passengers and vehicles, distance or duration of trip or contract. Depending on the timeframe, shuttle buses may be billed per day, rather than by distance or duration, rates may be fixed per day/hour, etc. 

However the more seats you fill, the less it costs per person. Also remember, we have access to as many vehicles as you need. So if you’ll need multiple buses, we are ready to dispatch them at any time. 


Shuttle Bus service for Conventions

We know getting all your employees together and on time for seminars and events for your convention can be a logistical nightmare. That’s why we’re here to put our experience to work for you. From helping you arrange designated gathering/pick up/drop off spots at Airport/Convention center/Hotel, to ensuring none of your guests are left behind, we never miss any detail! 

What’s more? We have our staff onsite to coordinate all the movement of your people and equipment to ensure a seamless experience for your event. We will also help with your signage, bus wraps, and headrest covers as well. 

So whether it’s an elegant stretch limo for your VIP’s or a deluxe motorcoach for your employees, we’ve got you covered.