Des Moines Charter Bus Trip

As Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines is a hub of government action, business activity, arts and cultural affairs. By the help of, I took a charter bus holiday with my friends to grasp how appealing and gracious a spot Des Moines, Iowa really is. With a City population approaching 200,000 and a metro population of nearly 500,000, Des Moines offers some of the nation’s best schools, superb public services, and friendly, caring neighborhoods.

A good memory that we took with us to home is the quality time that we spend in the Des Moines Botanical Center. That was an excellent place for us to spend our hours strolling among flowers, birds, butterflies and greeneries. I asked our charter bus driver to take us to the Iowa State Fairground located within Des Moines where there were concerts, horse and dog shows and numerous activities going on in the 400 acre tourist-magnet.

In Heritage Carousel, we had our charter bus stop, gave us enthralling experiences that we won’t forget about Des Moines. There were children with us, so, for us to get to ride this carousel which has been around since the 1930’s was pretty cool. It was even handcrafted and painted.

Affordable housing, one of the nation’s shortest commute times, and an increasingly diverse population, make Des Moines a wonderful place to live, work and visit. I was very impressed with our choice to visit Des Moines on a charter bus. May be next year our vacation charter bus spot preference will go with this exceptional place as all my friends opined there was something different in Des Moines.