What to Do in Toronto, Ontario

Places to Visit/Things to Do

You might love the city, but everyone needs to get away from the bustling atmosphere at one point. Consider getting on a ferry and visiting the Toronto Islands, a group of islands that offers a relaxing time out of the city. The three islands are all connected, so you can maximize your fun without hopping on boats after boats. The main island, called Centre Island, is really the center of Toronto Islands. This island features everything from picnic areas, beaches, water sports rentals, and so much more. One of the other activities on Centre Island is the Centreville Amusement Park, which contains offer 30 rides and attractions. The other two islands are more serene, containing old-style homes and gardens. Entrance to Toronto Islands is free, but the ferry rides cost money. Ferry tickets for adults are about $6 and $2.85 for kids aged 2 to 14. During the summer months, the ferries tend to operate anywhere from 6:35 am to as late as 11:15 pm. During the winter, ferry hours are shortened.


Have you ever dreamed of living in a grand castle? Well, get to be in one at Casa Loma, a castle built by Sir Henry Pellatt. Pellatt, a former soldier, dreamed of building a castle which overlooked the city of Toronto, which he did. The 98-room estate features basically everything that you would think would be in a medieval castle. The castle features stables for horses, overlooking towers, secret hallways and rooms, and a wine cellar capable of holding more than 1,800 bottles. Outside, you can find a 5-acre garden filled with fountains, sculptures, and other works of art. Casa Loma is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm. You can’t enter past 4:30. Admission for adults costs about $23 and about $13 for kids.


You might not like learning, but you will like having a great time at the Ontario Science Center. With the intent of increasing what you learn for both adults and kids, the facility features plenty of interactive exhibits. Some exhibits include piloting a rocket chair, explore Toronto’s only public planetarium, and even dance on a dance floor. Ever wonder what you’ll look like when you’re older? Find this out with the facility’s Amazing Aging Machine. Other attractions and exhibits like this fill the science center, giving the visitors so much to do. The Ontario Science Center is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm on the weekdays and from 10 am to either 5 or 7 pm on weekends and holidays. If you visit during the summer, weekday hours for the science center are extended. For adults, admission costs about $17 and about $10 for kids aged 3 to 12. Kids aged between 13 to 17 will have to pay about $12.50 for their tickets.


If you’re a history buff or enjoy viewing cultural artifacts from around the world, visit the Royal Ontario Museum. Commonly called ROM, the museum is located within the University of Toronto campus. ROM is the largest museum of world cultures and natural history in Canada, containing millions of artifacts. There are various artifacts on display, from dinosaur bones to Canada’s First Peoples. There is plenty for the kids as well, such as shark jaws, a fox’s den, and more. The Royal Ontario Museum is usually open daily from 10 am to 5:30 pm but extended hours until 10 pm on Fridays, but hours can change depending on the season. Admission costs about $15.50 for adults and about $11 for kids aged 4 to 14. Admission covers the cost of most things in the museum, except certain exhibits which may cost money.


You’ve probably noticed the CN Tower, the prominent feature of the Toronto skyline, sticking out above the rest of the city. The tower rises to 1,815, earning its title as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Other than looking nice, the tower actually served a purpose in helping transmission between radio towers pass easily. Today’s visitors can arrive at the top of the CN Tower in less than a minute with its elevators. At the top, you’ll find four observation areas, each going higher and higher. The first is the Glass Floor Room, sitting at 1,122 feet. The second observation area is the Lookout Level at 1,136. The third area is the revolving 360 The Restaurant at 1,150 feet in the air, and the Skypod sits at 1,465 feet above the ground. The Skypod is one of the highest observation points for the public in the world. The CN Tower is open for public use everyday except Christmas, but hours depend on what part of the tower you want to visit. Admission for all four observation areas costs about $28 for adults and about $22 for kids between 4 to 12. Booking online may grant you a reduced rate.


If you go to a big city, such as Toronto, we suggest you to visit their zoos, many of which are large and enjoyable. The Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in Canada, as well as one of the largest in the world. Covering over 700 acres, visitors can view over 5,000 animals which are made up of more than 450 different species. One of the most popular exhibits in the Toronto Zoo is the Gorilla Rainforest, the largest indoor gorilla exhibit in North America. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of other activities here, from a rope course to a water play area for the kids. The zoo is generally open every day from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, although hours change depending on the season. There are also extended hours on the weekends. Admission to the zoo also depends on the season, but adult prices can be anywhere from about $18 to $22 and from about $11 to $15 for kids aged 3 to 12.


Best Way to Tour Toronto, Ontario

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Best Places to Eat/Shop

  • Toronto Eaton Center – The Toronto Eaton Center is the one of the largest shopping mall in Toronto, located in the city’s core. The mall features over 6 anchor tenants, and its stores and services total over 250. There are plenty of stores, services, and dining options to choose from.
  • First Canadian Place – The First Canadian Place is another popular shopping mall in Toronto, featuring over 100 stores, shops, and restaurants. The skyscraper features plenty of restaurants to choose from.
  • Yorkville Village – Yorkville Village is another popular shopping destination in Toronto, located in the city’s Yorkville neighborhood. While it only features 2 anchor tenants and a total of 23 stores and services, it is still a convenient place to shop.
  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre – Yorkdale is one of the largest shopping malls in Toronto, featuring 6 anchor tenants and over 250 stores. The indoor complex features plenty of stores, as well as a variety of restaurants to choose from.
  • Scaramouche Restaurant – The Scaramouche Restaurant is one of the most popular sit-down restaurants in Toronto. The French-inspired restaurant features a variety of items on their menu, including vegetarian and vegan friendly options. Scaramouche is rated the #1 fine-dining restaurant in Toronto by tripadvisor in 2018.
  • GEORGE Restaurant – The GEORGE Restaurant is another popular restaurant in Toronto. The French-Canadian restaurant is rated the #1 local cuisine restaurant in Toronto by tripadvisor in 2018. Although pricey ($$$$), the restaurant is a great restaurant serving local food.



Hope you enjoy Toronto!