Des Moines Charter Bus Trip

As Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines is a hub of government action, business activity, arts and cultural affairs. By the help of, I took a charter bus holiday with my friends to grasp how appealing and gracious a spot Des Moines, Iowa really is. With a City population approaching 200,000 and a metro population of nearly 500,000, Des Moines offers some of the nation’s best schools, superb public services, and friendly, caring neighborhoods.

A good memory that we took with us to home is the quality time that we spend in the Des Moines Botanical Center. That was an excellent place for us to spend our hours strolling among flowers, birds, butterflies and greeneries. I asked our charter bus driver to take us to the Iowa State Fairground located within Des Moines where there were concerts, horse and dog shows and numerous activities going on in the 400 acre tourist-magnet.

In Heritage Carousel, we had our charter bus stop, gave us enthralling experiences that we won’t forget about Des Moines. There were children with us, so, for us to get to ride this carousel which has been around since the 1930’s was pretty cool. It was even handcrafted and painted.

Affordable housing, one of the nation’s shortest commute times, and an increasingly diverse population, make Des Moines a wonderful place to live, work and visit. I was very impressed with our choice to visit Des Moines on a charter bus. May be next year our vacation charter bus spot preference will go with this exceptional place as all my friends opined there was something different in Des Moines.

What to Do in Honolulu ?

Have you ever thought about visiting Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital? Honolulu is a cosmopolitan city, located on the island of Oahu. It stretches along the southeastern shores of the island, from Pearl Harbor to Makapu’u Point. Want to have the greatest vacation of your life? Continue reading this article to find out the best things to do in the #1 tourist spot in Hawaii.

7 Places to Visit in Honolulu

  • Waikiki Beach
    wiki beach

Waikiki Beach is the number one tourist attraction in Honolulu, Oahu. Back when Hawaii was a monarchy, this beach was used by only Hawaiian royalty to surf and relax. You can lie back on the gold-colored sand and watch the beautiful blue water. Don’t want to sit back? That’s fine as most parts of the beach allow tourists to swim and surf in the waters. At some parts of the beach, different vendors offer kayaking and canoeing. If you want to get up close with aquatic life, we recommend snorkeling (when the beach allows it). *(Note: The beach is split into eight parts, so each part is different. Different parts has different things to do.


  • Diamond Head State Monument
    Diamond head


Visible from Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head (also known as Le’ahi by the locals) is a crater created by a volcanic eruption years ago. Today, Diamond Head is one of the most beautiful things to grace Oahu’s shoreline. Le’ahi has a trail leading up the crater. After following the trail and reaching the summit, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Waikiki Beach and the Pacific Ocean. Make sure you bring your camera, as this is a perfect place for pictures.

*(Note: Beat the crowds by coming early and bring plenty of water as there is none on the trail.)



  • Pearl Harbor/ WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument
    Pearl harbour


The WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument was erected in honor of brave fighters in the Pacific. This is also the home of the USS Arizona Memorial, which is the final resting place for 1,177 sailors who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. At this memorial, you can pay your respects to those who died fighting for our America. When taking a tour of the USS Arizona, you get to watch a documentary of the ship, spend 15 minutes at the site, and boat ride to and from the site. Visiting the site on this tour is free of cost. *(Note: Expect wait times as many tourists visit this memorial. If you are purchasing your ticket at the tour site, come before 9 am as the tickets are a first-come, first-serve basis.


  • Honolulu Museum of Art
    Museum of art


The Honolulu Museum of Art is the largest museum of its kind in the whole state of Hawaii. It has two campuses; the main campus is located in the city center while the sister campus (the Spalding House) is located about 2 miles away. Pay the entrance fee for one, and you can visit both in the same day. The Honolulu Museum of Art holds some pieces of European painters such as Picasso and van Gogh, but it is more known for its Asianartwork. It is said that this museum holds one of America’s best Asian art collections. Visitors also recommend taking a look at the Arts of Hawaii exhibit. Both campuses are open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 4:30 PM (Spalding House is open only until 4 PM). It costs $20 for adults, and it is free for those 17 and under.


  • Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
    Hanauma bay


Hanauma Bay is a beautiful marine sanctuary that is located in a crater. When you arrive at Hanauma Bay, you are required to watch a short video that teaches you about the marine life and the preservation of it. After that, you can go down into the crater to get in the water. Hanauma Bay was voted the #1 beach in the world in 2016, and for good reason too. You can lie down on the beautiful sand or dip into the cool, clear water. Also, it is an amazing place for snorkeling. The hours are from Wednesday to Monday from 6 AM to 6 PM. The preserve is closed every Tuesday. There is a $1 parking fee and a $7.50 entrance fee. For more information on pricing, visit the nature preserve’s website.


  • ‘Iolani Palace
    ‘Iolani Palace


The ‘Iolani Palace was the royal home of the rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii back when Hawaii used to be a monarchy. Now, the place has been restored and decorated with elegant interior designs. This palace is a real glimpse of the previous royal Hawaii. The palace is open to the public for both self-guided and guided tours, which last about an hour. Guided tours for adults cost $21.75 and $6 for a child between 5 and 12. Children younger than 5 must be strapped into a child carrier or stroller at all times. Tours take place every fifteen minutes between 9 and 10 AM on Tuesdays to Thursdays and between 9 and 11:15 AM on Fridays and Saturday. You can also choose an audio tour, which lasts 45 minutes and are available from noon to 4 PM on Monday through Saturday. For more information, visit the palace’s website.



  • Manoa Falls
    Manoa falls


Manoa Falls is a gorgeous 100 ft. waterfall that sits 5 miles northeast of downtown Honolulu. It is the most accessible waterfall in Oahu. The waterfall can be seen after taking a dense, rainforest trail for about .8 miles (1.5 miles round trip). It was on this trail that filmmaker Steven Spielberg filmed scenes of Jurassic Park. After following the gravel trail, you will be able to see the water crashing down its rock face. At the bottom of the waterfall, there is a line that prevents tourists from getting too close to the waterfall. Still, some can be seen jumping into the cool, shallow pool. Entrance to visiting the falls is free, but it does cost $5 for parking at the trailhead. For more information, visit the Manoa Falls section on Hawaii’s Forestry & Wildlife Website.



7 Things to Do in Honolulu

  1. Swimming – Honolulu has many beautiful places to swim that you shouldn’t miss out on.
  2. Surfing Catch a wave at Honolulu, one of the best places in the world to surf. Don’t know how to surf? That’s okay! Many places offer surfing lessons.
  3. Snorkeling – Be closer to the aquatic life when you go snorkeling at Honolulu, an amazing place for snorkeling.
  4. Canoeing/Kayak – Grab a canoe or kayak with your friends or family and go exploring!
  5. Stand up Paddleboard – Try Stand-up paddleboard in Honolulu. It is an amazing water sport!
  6. Eating – What better way to learn about the Hawaiian culture? Make sure you try the authentic Hawaiian food at your days in Honolulu.
  7. Explore– There are so many hidden things to do in Honolulu that many don’t know about. Go explore the city and enjoy!

*(Note: Many of the listed activities can be done at the places to visit listed above)


7 Best Places to Shop and/or Eat

  1. Ala Moana Center – this is the largest shopping center in Honolulu featuring 270 stores, including one of the world’s largest collection of luxury retailers in the world. There are also over 70 dining options available.
  2. Royal Hawaiian Center – this is a premiere shopping destination along with dining options located on the famous Kalakaua Avenue. It also features many luxury and designer brands.
  3. International Market Place – this shopping destination is filled with Hawaiian culture and history, such as its water features and the banyan tree that is over a century old. You can also grab a bite to eat at popular restaurants here.
  4. Waikiki Shopping Plaza–this plaza offers you five floors of shopping with several popular retailers. There is also an underground food hall.
  5. Honolulu Chinatown– just like any other Chinatown, you can smell the fruits, vegetables, and fresh meat as you walk through this market. Grab an Asian bite to eat at popular restaurants in Chinatown.
  6. Helena’s Hawaiian Food – this is one of the most popular Hawaiian food restaurants in Honolulu for both locals and tourists. It is a fan favorite because of its traditional food.
  7. Duke’s Marketplace – this has to be the best place in Honolulu for cheap souvenirs. Stop by to grab some Hawaiian woodwork or other island crafts.


7 Things to Bring to Honolulu

  1. Sunscreen – don’t fry in the sun!
  2. Comfortable footwear – you might be doing a great deal of walking, so make sure your feet are comfortable. Also, hiking shoes are recommended.
  3. Clothing/Swimwear – bring comfortable clothing to wear while exploring and proper swimwear for getting in the water
  4. Water Containers– it is best to bring these from home as water is not provided at many attractions
  5. Camera – keep the memories forever with pictures
  6. Proper ID’s – you will need these for certain activities, like renting something
  7. Extra batteries/chargers – keep the juice in your devices


If you wish to visit these places in Honolulu, like most other peoples, You can rent a charter bus. Because charter buses are the most convenient, comfortable and affordable mode of transportation especially for tour purposes. offer you most modern charter buses which included Deluxe motor coach, Mini bus, School bus, Party bus etc. You will get all of our charter bus services with an affordable charter bus rate, you will also get help from our charter bus team to plan your charter bus trip in Honolulu. So you can make sure that your charter bus trip will be a hassle free one. Call us today at 1-855-228-3625 and book your Required Charter bus.

Enjoy your Vacation!














































Summertime in Orlando is crowded by visitors from around the world.

Orlando is not only the home of Orlando Magic, the city itself is magic to many visitors. This city has a lot of things to offer. In fact, if you plan to come to Orlando, get ready for at least a week of fun and activities. One or two days will not be sufficient to see around the town. Whoever comes to Orlando will be captivated and can’t resist the tendency to come back. Disney World is the biggest attraction, but there are many wonderful mind-blowing things to see such as Seaworld, Aquatica, Universal etc. So get ready for a week of blast packed with so much to enjoy. Nobody will be disappointed after visiting Orlando. Do not forget to get a taste of Puerto Rican and Mexican cuisine. provides charter bus rental from Orlando airport to hotels. Orlando Coach Bus Rentals and Mini Bus Rentals provided by is a great resource for incoming visitors. Also, we provide charter services in town and out of town for many visiting groups.


Denver Charter Bus and Mini Bus Service

In my first visit itself to Denver; I fell in love with this vibrant city with 300 days of annual sunshine, year round adventure and the breathtaking Rocky Mountains in the backyard. From a thriving arts and culture scene, world-class attractions and endless shopping possibilities, to nationally recognized chefs, exciting nightlife and abundant outdoor recreation, Denver was a unique experience.

Denver has the nation’s largest city park system, with more than 200 parks within city limits and 20, 000 acres of parks in the nearby mountains. Its skyscrapers marking the final transition between the Great Plains and the American West, Denver stands at the threshold of the Rocky Mountains. Despite being known as the “Mile High City”, and serving as the obvious point of arrival for travelers heading into the mountains, it is itself uniformly flat. The majestic peaks are clearly visible, but they only begin to rise roughly fifteen miles west of downtown, and Denver has had plenty of room to spread out. provide Excellent ground transportation services like Charter Bus Rental that includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transits are easily available everywhere that gave me memorable pleasure trips with utmost safety concerns.

These days Denver is a welcoming and enjoyable, though conservative city. Tourism is based on getting out into the wide open spaces rather than on sightseeing in town, but somehow its isolation, a good six hundred miles from any conurbation of even vaguely similar size, gives its two million population a refreshing friendliness; and in a city which is used to providing its own entertainment there always seems to something going on.

Old South Pearl Street is a quaint tree-lined street that features an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and businesses. This charming neighborhood offers a Farmers Market every summer, July through October, as well as other events throughout the year. The Cherry Creek North neighborhood is home to a collection of boutiques, spas, restaurants, galleries and other specialty shops. This unique Colorado shopping and dining area offers an interesting assortment of one-of-a-kind items and services.

These days, many people opt to take a Denver vacation in order to explore the Mile High City. It is one of the only cities that were not built on a lake, ocean or river. In fact, when you climb to the top of the state capitol building, you are 5,280 feet above sea level!

Dancing All Over Detroit During My Charter Bus Trip

Although I had been to Detroit quite a number of times, it is an unusual experience to have such a charter bus fun along with old friends. Detroit is the heart of automobile production, but there are big draws for foreign tourists that is really wonder that Detroit is consistently buzzing with activities.

Whole throughout my charter bus journey I felt this motor city is revving its engines again. Revitalized and reinvigorated after decades of neglect, Detroit is reclaiming its place as a cultural and tourist capital. Everything in this old Midwestern city seems new again. The Woodward Avenue theater district boasts renovated theaters and new shows.

Downtown Detroit was such a lively area of shops, theaters, restaurants, and night life that residents of dreary, staid Toronto rode trains to Detroit for weekend excursions. In subsequent decades, the two cities switched places, but now Detroit is making a comeback.

The old downtown of grand movie houses and department stores is all but vanished, but lively areas have sprung up around the perimeter of the aging banking-and-commerce center. The north end of downtown is the latest hot spot.

Not surprisingly, the Motor City is impossible to navigate without a car. The metropolis has expanded into seven counties, with no end in sight, and the suburban population is more than three times that of the city proper.

Although the landscape is mostly flat, recreational opportunities abound, most of them centered on water. To the northeast of the city sprawls Lake St. Clair, a shallow but large lake filled with boats and fish. The Detroit River is a resource that the city has never fully exploited, though a system of parks and greenways is now gradually taking shape.

I learned that Detroit is not only about cars and bikes; there are lots more to Detroit than meets the eye. So, don’t think twice to rent a charter bus to Detroit for fun and entertainment. With the Busneeds you can customize your trip to cater to your group’s needs whether you need a Detroit School Bus or a Detroit Minibus rental. helps to get you the right bus at the right price.

Dallas Charter Bus Service and Tourist Attractions

Like most major urban hubs, the city boasts an assortment of interesting attractions and activities. However, in Dallas, as in most of Texas, they are somehow bigger and better. The city is famous for its children’s attractions, making it a popular destination for families. Nature enthusiasts can go for a bike ride or hike through White Rock Lake Park. As in most excellent cities, Dallas provides a wide range of lodgings from grand historic hotels to budget digs. Its restaurants may differ in price and cuisine but the portions are large.

Dallas offers visitors a unique blend of Southwestern warm, cosmopolitan flair, Old West charm and modern sophistication. As the Southwest’s leading business and financial center, it possesses the largest wholesale market in the world and lays claim to being one of the top convention cities. In Dallas, I experienced the finest in Southern hospitality.

Excellent ground transportation services like Charter Bus Rental that includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transits are easily available to address the traveling needs of visitors of all background. is one of the charter bus service providers in Dallas.

Dallas has a slew of bars, lounges and clubs where denizens of the night meet, mingle and party. It also has a number of entertainment hubs, but these neighborhoods in particular are known for a hip and happening restaurant and nightclub scene. In Dallas several entertainment districts are hubs of energy, live music flows in the famed Deep Ellum area, and if a visitor like dancing, there are plenty of places to groove into the night.

During whole throughout my Dallas trip, I felt it is a miniature of Texas. Dallas symbolizes much of its popular image. A major center for oil and gas, this city goes about its business with refreshing character and gusto. At Fair Park, visitors are presented with a cultural and entertainment district, with attractions that include the Dallas Museum of Natural History, Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park, Science Place and Cotton Bowl Stadium that hosts concerts and both national and international sporting events.

The performing arts –dance, music and theater- are well represented in Dallas, with a host of venues offering performances that range from traditional to contemporary styles. Dallas’s majestic theater has been a mainstay for live entertainment and arts performances. It is also home to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza, a good place to meditate and get away from the fast pace of downtown

Columbus Charter Bus and Mini Bus Service and Tourist Attractions

Chartering a bus for our group trip to Columbus, we didn’t have much expectation about how our trip would be. All that we knew about Columbus was very little. We knew that Columbus is the Capital and the largest city of the American state of Ohio. The city is in fact named for the explorer Christopher Columbus. But we were really surprised about the knowledge of our bus driver about each and every little thing about the city. The bus driver together with the guide helped us very much in exploring the city better. We found variety in everything we saw. The city has a distinct and manageable- history, artsy, sports-orientation, high fashion and college life.

During our visit the city had a moderate climate. It was very easy to get around the Columbus city. Our Charter bus traveled through the main east-west highway 1-70. There are two primary north-south freeways, I-71 and St. Rte. 315. The outer belt, I-270, circles the city. I-670 connects the airport to downtown and continues to the west side. The public transportation is available from the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA).

As our guide told us about the Easton Town, we asked the bus driver to ride forth to the town. The Easton Town Center is the Midwest’s premier destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. With its unique village setting, large public spaces, plazas, and abundant free parking, Easton is home to an eclectic assortment of restaurants, entertainment venues, exclusive retailers and a 30-screen movie theater. We learned from our guide that Columbus has a nickname as “The Arch City”, because of the dozens of metal arches that spanned High Street at the turn of the twentieth century.

We had the great opportunity to visit the German Village and to join with their famous Oktoberfest. At the end of September, the village throws an annual celebration that features authentic German food, beer, music, and crafts. Annual festivities in Columbus include the Ohio State Fair—one of the largest state fairs in the country— as well as the Columbus Arts Festival and the Jazz and Ribs Festival, both of which occur on the downtown riverfront. Also the Community Fest which is known as the “Com Fest” is an immense three-day gathering in Goodale Park. Columbus is also a great sports center. Columbus has professional sports teams in hockey, soccer, arena football, and minor league baseball.

The Columbus city is home to many performing arts institutions including, Opera, Ballet, Symphony and the Theater Arts. We took the charter bus to the Big Darby Creek, which is in southwestern part of the town. This park is significant for its beauty and ecological diversity. A walk through the many parks and gardens of Columbus and Franklin Metropolitan Park District really excited us.

Then we ride our charter bus to the famous Victorian Village, where a number of large and ornate Victorian homes are gathered. We also visited several notable buildings of Columbus including the Greek-Revival State Capitol, the art-deco Ohio Judicial Center and the Peter Eisenman-designed Wexner Center and Greater Columbus Convention Center. Other buildings of interest include the Rhodes State Office Tower, LeVeque Tower, and One Nationwide Plaza. After completing the trip, we had real wonderful experience. Without the charter bus, it is sure- our trip wouldn’t have been this much enjoyable. Thanks to!

Cleveland Charter Bus

The city of Cleveland is located on southern shore of Lake Erie in the state of Ohio. It is the region of Great Lakes and a collection of buildings. On our visit to Cleveland in the charter bus we really felt a sense of belonging in this place. It is indeed a place of evolving community, vibrant and viable, where we can all belong. It is a great destination for group travel. If you are rendering a charter bus, it is all the more wonderful.

The Charter bus driver was so expert that we didn’t have to ask him to take us here and there. But just gave him the list of places where all we wanted to go. The region has a vibrant arts scene with incredible theatre, a world-renowned orchestra, opera, art museums, independent film and more. It is also a great sports town where their teams play baseball, hockey, football and basketball, all year long. The scenic park systems offer excellent opportunities to bike, hike, kayak, fish, sail and more.

The Cleveland has a number of hotels with almost 4,000 rooms in downtown and nearly 35,000 rooms in the region. We could find the best overnight stay in the hotel. From luxury suites to economy chains and from historic hotels to unique bed and breakfasts, you’ll sleep soundly. Everything that you want, you can choose from the wide choices of menu. From ethnic favorites like pierogi to haute cuisine, Cleveland’s culinary scene is, very delicious.

There is always something is happening in Cleveland. Ethnic festivals, arts parades, concerts and annual activities like Vintage Ohio, Taste of Cleveland and the Cleveland National Air Show, the region is brimming with world-class events.

We took the charter bus to the south of Cleveland for a scenic ride of Amish Country. And we really enjoyed the scenic drive on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. A sail on the lake or cruise over the river is sure enough to provide panoramic views of the city and sunsets over Lake Erie on the Goodtime III, Majestic and Nautica Queen Dinner cruise ship.

The most amazing part of the charter bus trip was the day we spend in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You will find here over 50 exhibits, dynamic cinema presentations plus the largest single collection of rock and roll artifacts. We really enjoyed the guided tour through Cleveland city’s beautiful architecture and public art. The city has also got comedy clubs, concert halls and outdoor amphitheaters.

It was the last two days of our charter bus tour that we went into the two amusement parks in the region. The charter bus rental really made it convenient for our visit to some of antique malls like Larchmere, Medina Antique Mall, Lorain Boulevard and much more. I remember, chartering a bus really helped us that we could reach back to hotel safely after our nightclub party. So, if you are planning a trip next time to Cleveland, take the bus charter rental from It will really help you.

Classy Good Time With Colleagues During Charter Bus Business Trip To Kansas City

Kansas City Missouri offers many reasons to arrange charter bus trip there. From world-class steaks to an interesting place in the history of westward expansion in the United States, Kansas City Missouri offers all fun and entertainment to have a charter bus trip with family and friends.

Virtually all its main points of interest are on the Missouri side, where the fountains, boulevards, and Art Deco and Mediterranean-style buildings, and the encouraging revitalization of downtown, are unusual and welcome features in a Midwestern city.

One reason to join in Kansas City tourism is for a view of some of the historic sites in the city. One of the more popular attractions for Kansas City tourism is a trip to the National Frontier Trails Center, where you can learn all about the history of this city. At one point in the history of Missouri, Kansas City was the starting point for pioneers and wagon trains preparing to head west. Commemorative memorials can still be viewed today.

Kansas City Missouri attractions are just a few of the great options when deciding what to do on your charter bus vacation in Kansas City. You can also visit the Thomas Hart Benton Home, the Toy and Miniature Museum, and the Arabia Steamboat Museum.

Shopping is yet another of the best of Kansas City tourist attractions. Let your charter bus make a stop to The Country Club Plaza that is the well-known shopping center in Kansas City that was actually the first of the suburban shopping centers to take up residence in the United States.

Another of the great Kansas City tourist attractions, which we have enjoyed during our charter bus trip, can be found by visiting the nightlife of Kansas City. Downtown Kansas City, as well as the neighborhood known as Westport has multiple jazz clubs, dance clubs and bars to keep the evening interesting.

Rental Charter Bus Gateway To Baltimore Maryland

With something around every corner to either see or do, Baltimore is certainly an intriguing spot for a charter bus exploration. This is what I have to tell to you after my charter bus trip to Baltimore.

During my trip I would never want to leave Baltimore. You can look far and wide, but you’ll never discover a stranger city with such extreme style. It’s as if every eccentric in the South decided to move north, ran out of gas in Baltimore, and decided to stay. The whole family members had a fantastic time while visiting Baltimore as a great family gateway.

While here you may want to explore a few of our famous Baltimore Museums such as the Baltimore Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center, The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum, or The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History. Baltimore also has a very rich, cultural history and by touring a historic site like Fort McHenry – home of the National Anthem – you will gain a new perspective of Baltimore

Baltimore never sleeps at night and you can enjoy its nightlife with the full swing. Pubs and taverns, comedy clubs, dance clubs, live music and sports bars are open in the dark. In Baltimore you can find anything from antiques, crafts and collectibles, clothing and souvenirs to gourmet food and wine at over 200 specialty stores from outlet malls to farmer’s markets.

Within an hour’s charter bus drive of Maryland’s largest city, an abundance of natural and scenic places remains. From hikes within the city, including the new 14-mile Gwynns Falls Trail that runs from the northwest past the Inner Harbor, to the solitude of rural Carroll and northwest Baltimore counties, 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Baltimore is a guide to great hikes in the area.