Charter Bus Trip To Maimi

There was no doubt about our charter bus destination when my family decided to take a charter bus holiday. Miami came to mind as none of us had a Miami experience ever before. Miami Florida is a sizzling town filled with as many charter bus attractions as you can ever imagine.

My first impression of Miami was how huge it is. The traffic was pure gridlock at all hours. I like warm weather but it feels like its 120 degrees when its 95 degrees because of the humidity. Even at night it feels like 100 degrees. One just never gets a break.

We had a charter bus stop to Miami Seaquarium for a wonderful day of exciting shows, great exhibits and enjoyable, educational presentations in the beautifully landscaped park overlooking Biscayne Bay.

We saw sharks and dolphins, sea lions and seals. Learn about manatees and eels. We checked out sharks and crocodiles. We had a face to face with world-famous stars Lolita the Killer Whale, and Salty the Sea Lion. In this 38-acre tropical paradise, anything is possible – whales and dolphins fly while exotic birds stroll by.

Whatever we desired, we had it all in one charter bus holiday weekend with my family on our reunion. What a great time I had in Miami with my family…and there’s no doubt in my mind that I will soon make another stop there in the very near future. Although I doubt I will ever have as many people as we did this time, I will for sure use our Miami charter bus rental from

The night life and fun activities to do are endless at all hours. I got to taste foods that I never even heard of before. To sum it up Miami is charming, splendid and friendly and it was still a fun and adventurous experience that I will never forget. I recommend Miami for the lovers of adventure.