Charter Bus Trip To Indianapolis, Indiana

Last spring, our club decided to conduct a charter bus trip for its members to Indianapolis, very celebrated spot for good old Hoosier hospitality and sports. The city offered us abundant opportunities to view professional and amateur sporting events. Some of our club members, who are interested in sports, took part in sporting events and visited sports museums that include the NCAA Hall of Champions.

If you are not interested in sports, there are plenty of things to do in and around the city. You can visit children’s museum or checkout the zoo.

The first place in Indianapolis that we took our charter was Indianapolis zoo, which is home to over 2000 animals. It has lions, elephants, and other wild animals roaming through natural settings. It also contains Indiana’s largest aquarium and the world’s largest enclosed dolphin show and a roller-coaster for all ages to enjoy.

I felt like a kid in Disneyland and got to see the world’s most famous cars dating as far back as 1909 when we reached at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum. That was the highlight of our Indianapolis charter bus holiday but there were many other places that stole our hearts.

We also visited the German Renaissance Revival-style building that is listed on The National Register of Historical places. Formerly known as “Das Deutsche Haus” this charming establishment originated in 1892, as a social club for the city’s German immigrants, who sought to promote mental and physical health and culture.

Some of the club members took their kids with them and it was necessary to consider their tastes. So we asked our charter bus driver to take the bus to the Children’s Museum. That was a very nice experience for children that they dig in and touch everything as they explore the physical and natural sciences, history, world cultures and the arts through exciting interactive exhibits. A theater with children’s plays and s planetarium exist there.